We have been very fortunate to have been involved with work at some of the most spectacular casinos in the US. This work is very demanding with tight timelines, high quality product, very complicated design, and the shear size of the work can be intimidating. We have just scratched the surface of casino work in this country and look to partner with these establishments. The future in gaming looks to be a strong market for us and we look forward to the challenges that are presented to us.


We provided​ very complicated marble top for the Mussel Bar in the new Revel Casino in Atlantic City. We also made a few accent pieces for our millwork partner as well.


Dover Downs is another repeat customer in the gaming industry. The casinos represent some of the most severe duty any countertop can withstand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have been providing counters for the gift shops and other areas in the casino.​


We have been working in Mohegan Sun Casino for many years now. The work comes mostly in the form of small projects and replacement countertops from extreme use.​​


Parx Casino ​is a customer we have been servicing since the casino was built. The door was opened by a millwork partner and the work has been coming in year after year. Again, the wear and tear is the casinos worst enemy, other than a lucky high roller! Timely service is very important, time is money in the casinos.