We have been been increasing our market share in fabricating supermarkets over the last 12 years. We started by providing a local chain with some remodeling help. This lead slowly but surely into the Market Basket chain through a relationship with Hill-Phoenix who provides the refrigerated cases for supermarkets around the country. From there we have done extensive work for Wegmans from the mid-atlantic up through New England.


Wegmans has been a great contract for us. We are excited to be involved with a customer who takes beautiful design so seriously. The final product is stunning, bringing together a great design and excellent workmanship. We have just been approached to expand our exposure in their store by hopefully providing the counter tops for a new design in another area of the stores.


Market Basket is a family owned regional supermarket chain in New England. We connected with the chain through Hill-Phoenix refrigerated case company to help with some repairs on the Ceasarstone tops they use in the prepared food cafe. Our role has expanded to providing fabrication and installation of tops in their new stores.


We have been involved with Big Y for quite a few years now. We provide new tops when they need to update stores as well as furnishing product for new stores. We usually do the bathroom vanities and service areas in the prepared foods areas. Along with wall caps in food prep sections of the stores, we have provided tables in the kid's nursery.


​This was a small job in a fresh food market in New York City. Very funky design for prepared foods. The tops had some very challenging curved work in natural stone. Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures of the finished product.