Residential represents a small portion of our work. We usually will only do residential for a select group of builder and friends and family. But as I have said many times before, the market maybe changing around us. We are therefor accepting residentional jobs as they come around. Please check our self-bid work sheet page for approximate pricing.


This kitchen was part of a larger remodeling project we were involved with in 2011. We were contracted to design and carry out the extensive work in this 1873 house. We are Licensed General Contractors in Massachusetts as well as the cabinet and counter top shop. The work included massive structural work as well as all custom woodwork to match the existing details. Topped off with a custom soapstone sink and counters with custom Blacksmith work by Williamsburg Blacksmiths.


We were hired by New England Remodeling to help with the design and fabrication of this kitchen. Everything from the custom cabinets and Granite counters to a custom teak center island and arts and crafts teak mantle for the fireplace. We also build the cabinets and tops in the laundry room and all bathrooms.


This kitchen was part of a larger design project for us. We helped the owner rearrange the layout of this 1920's house to work better with a modern family's lifestyle. We were involved with some of the demolition work through to the building of the custom cabinets and granite tops. This work also included bathroom vanities and marble shower accents. ​


​I'm very proud of this particular kitchen because it's the one I live with everyday. I designed and built the house exactly as we wanted it. We used a very organic system for the design, drawing inspiration from "A Pattern Language". The kitchen demanded an easy relationship with the rest of the public spaces on the first floor as well as incorporating a antique French bread shop's Cherry front counter into the design.​ ​